Magga Stina

(A member of the now disbanded Reptile, who were signed to Bad Taste. The band had an EP on One Little Indian before releasing their only LP ’Fame & Fossils’ on Alternative Tentacles.)

We met when The Sugarcubes were beginning and have been friends since. We played in one band together, The Jazz Band Of Conrad B, which Bragi of The Sugarcubes started in 1990. There were 13 of us, all on instruments that we weren’t used to playing. Björk played clarinet. We were just having fun, with a big ’F’.

I met her in the swimming pool the other day - it was like a car crash between us. We never talk about music because there are so many other things to discuss, like how many times you swim from one side of the pool to the other. It’s hard to say how she has changed. For good and bad, maybe. Good, because I’m glad people are changing their musical tastes toward her kind of music. Bad because I’ve only seen here three times in a year. She is a total babe.

Select, june 1994