Gulli Ottarson

(Aka Godkrist, guitarist, collaborator of Psychic TV, Current 93, founder of Peyr and founder member of Kukl. Co-wrote an LP with Björk before the ’Cubes : from which ’Stigdu Mig’ appears on the B-side of ’Venus As A Boy’ and ’Sidasta Eg’ on the B-side of ’Big Time Sensuality’.)

I remember in the middle of the ’80s, an outdoor festival with a lot of drunk people calling out for her to play a new pop song, or a greatest hit, or a dance song. She was very proud just to play her own music, so to make her statement she jumped offstage, went to the centre of the dancefloor, and went to the toilet on the spot. It demonstrates that she speaks out very frankly.

Select, june 1994