Bragi Olafsson

(The Sugarcubes’ bassist. Has retired from music to concentrate on writing poetry and prose, funded by the Icelandic government as well as partaking in Bad Taste Ltd business.)

One time in Lithuania she got hilariously drunk. She stormed into the hotel bar where all the rest of were sitting. We couldn’t believe our eyes. She started dancing around the bar, and I remember her taking down the big TV screen which was elevated from the floor, up near the ceiling, and putting it on the floor. The bartenders threw her out... I am very proud of how she operates in the music business, that she hasn’t lost that independent attitude that The Sugarcubes had. I also admire the way, when she is approached by boring old pop stars like David Bowie and Simon Le Bon to sing with her, she just says no. Although she is famous now, she doesn’t get fooled.

Select, june 1994