Cedric Bixler-Zavala (The Mars Volta)

Who’s your biggest influence vocally ?

I’d have to say, it’s always been Björk. I took a job in 92 and U2 came to town for uh... I can’t remember the album, but I worked putting all the stage gear together and it was Public Enemy, Sugarcubes and U2. That was one of my first cassettes, "Life Is Good" by Sugarcubes.

She’s just always... she’s another person who sets the standard, you know, she just - what, she made a record where it’s just vocals-only, all the instrumentation is vocals. There you go, that sets - that’s who you have to be pretty much, you know. Yeah, she’s a pretty phenomenal influence - everything she’s ever done has been really really interesting, you know.

Toazted.com, January 2005