Paul Fox

(Produced XTC’s ’Oranges and Lemons’, Robyn Hitchcock’s ’Perspex Island’ then The Sugarcubes’ final album, ’Stick Around For Joy’.)

I’d call her the epitome of the woman-child. She gives 100 per cent of everything, she’s always searching out for more, for things that are unique. I’ve never seen anyone quite so amazed and wide-eyed by things... There was definitely tension in the studio when The Sugarcubes made the album — the kind of tension that surrounds a family, but family business always gets taken care of. They never formed for the pursuit of becoming famous : it was just another thing they did.

Björk is one of the few pop artists who is very avant garde, or different to traditional pop music, more like a traditional jazz composer. Sum her up in three words ? An amazing talent.

Select, june 1994