Icelandic isolation

For Bjork, Icelandic literature and art is more "anarchic", "freedom loving" and "aggressive" than in countries like Norway and Sweden.

I wouldn’t say it’s better or worse. I don’t mean it like that, but it’s definitely a different mindset.

After independence there was also a feeling in Iceland that all foreign countries were like Denmark and that they should all stick together "in our woolly sweaters" and be "isolated forever".

Bjork wasn’t having that and along with the other Sugarcubes she showed that it was "okay to mingle with the aliens".

So when we started playing Icelandic music all over the world, and being very proud of our heritage, it was to stop the isolation. My generation was very much about breaking that up and [now] I can go and play Mexico and New Zealand and I will [still] be as Icelandic as any of you guys.

Nzherald , 24.11.2007