her voice

I think I have gained more vocal control, but at the same time
I think that’s one advantages of getting older.
You will always have the emotion and the rawness.

I guess there won’t be a day when you’ve woken up and you
feelings are "finished !. You gain more empathy and emotion as you
get older but at the same time, because now I train my voice in the
mornings when I wake up.

It grows, emotionally but also technically. It’s one of the most
exciting things for me. I think actually it’s where discipline and
instinct meet ...in the most intense way !
In me.
I think it mirrors everything I do.

I may get a new favorite album, make new friends, be happy.
Get drunk. Gain respect for taxidrivers ! *LOL*

I could go on forever, but it will all turn up in my voice.

Bjork.com webchat, 22 june 2000