how she got inro music

I was one of those who began to sing before I learnt how to talk. I’ve always known that music was what I was meant to do. I was sent to a musicschool and stayed there for 10 years. I learned how to play the recorder and was most likely a hard pupil. I knew right away how I wanted to do things and was never satisfied with what others did. Maybe I didn’t reach what I wanted either, but I still kept going. I didn’t want to play Bach and Beethoven so I always showed up with my own sheet music. But even though it was rough, and I had up to 5 teachers, I’m still pleased with this period of my life. I know how to use that recorder and I can make it do what I want, if I practice a bit. It has also been put to a use in singing to know how to breathe. The reason I began to play in bands was that when I was 11 years old I sang on a vinyl which was called “Björk“. It lead to that I connected with some older pop musicians but still I began to play with my peers. Now I had gone through with making one album, and at least I knew what to do.

Vera Magazine, april 1986