losing her voice

How did you feel when you were losing your voice ?

I was basically faced with, ’If I can’t sing, it’s not only me and my life, but a lot of people rely on that’, you know ? It was kind of strange to be confronted with it.

But I heard that you had nodules (whatever they might be) on your throat.

I got nodules, but basically it is physical exhaustion. It’s so clever the way the body functions ; it makes you crash and makes you rethink everything.

How long did you crash for ?

I crashed for a few days, but then I did the whole tour very carefully. I called it my ’monk tip’. So my last few months of touring has been Björk on the monk tip. If you’re sort of really bored, Jefferson, and you want a new angle on life : don’t do drugs, stop talking. It’s amazing. The amount of energy that goes into communicating is just outrageous. And you end up just writing what is dead important. Everything becomes so precious. And it’s very interesting. You start very quickly listening to completely different music as well, and reading completely different books and you get this urge for completely different films as well.

Dazed&Confused, issue 16, january 1996