the bomb incident

It was really, really scary. At that time I’d been traveling for four years and I was actually in Florida when he shot himself. Just three blocks away from him and he didn’t know. It was a night where it was thundering and lightning. So he sends the bomb to England and I fly over to London while the bomb is on its way. I’m coming home and it really fucked up my whole life and the idea of what my home is. Forty media people were hanging outside my house with a lens on my toilet seat. I didn’t feel very welcome at my own home. Of course, I cried for the man and I was very upset over his death. I couldn’t sleep ...for him. But for me it destroyed my home. I had to rediscover everything. Me and my son, Sindri, talked a lot about it. Now home is when we meet, wherever we are. Home is where the heart is.

Raygun, September 1997