Here were people my age writing a film about young people in England today and I was shouting ’Hip, hip, hooray’. It’s really difficult for me to say because you live here, but having moved from Iceland and now trying to get into the English vibe, I found everybody in England hooked on Victorian times. It’s like English people are ashamed of England today. They are upset that it’s not 1901 and all the films they make are about these times. There’s a lot of turn-of-the-century imagery in the pop videos.

I really respect England, it has a lot of good qualities, yet so much about it is the opposite to what I am. And I’m just basically a proud bastard. I can work a lot here and all my dreams can come true and I’m grateful for that. But I’m just a visitor. After all this has finished I’ll go back to Iceland.

VOX, december 1993