her musical evolution

With Debut I was really a beginner so a lot of it was just learning about the studio even though obviously I had been in studios since I was eleven so I was very comfortable there. But usually I had just taken care of my vocals and lyrics. I was usually there during the mix with the Sugarcubes, and I had ideas but I never been responsible for the whole thing. So Debut was the first time I talked about arrangements and towards the end of Debut I talked about rhythms and towards Post I got braver in that way and produced more. Homogenic was the first album where I knew how the whole production, not the whole detail, but the big picture I knew what it was going to be before it started. So it was more of a case of playing little roles inside that picture. Where with Debut and Post sometimes I would have half the song and I would ask someone to complete it, so it was like a duet or a collaboration. I guess in Homogenic I started to get a little more bossy.

David Toop Interview, 2002