fan mail

I was always really clear about that in my mind, that it just wasn’t my field. I’m not meant to read fan mail. Because... It seems really arrogant but it isn’t. If I read the fan mail I would accept that I’m God. And I’m not. And also, I’ve hardly got time - I forget my grandmothers’ birthdays, and I forget to call my dad, so why should I read letters from strangers ?

I come from a family full of electricians and bricklayers and hard-working people and I look at my job like that. And all I can give to a stranger is a song, and actually I’m giving them all I’ve got - and sometimes more than I’ve got. And communicating with them in another way, it’s an illusion that it would add to things. And when they write ’I love you’ it makes me sick. They don’t know me ! I’m a difficult bastard in real life !

Blah Blah Blah, december 1996