...surely a Björk record is only as good as its producers.

But I always collaborate, she fumes, and it always says in big letters on the record that these are Nellee Hooper’s beats, or this is a song written and produced by Björk and Tricky.

So far, so good, then.

I could just rent a programmer and say, Copy this. Not in a million years would I ever dream of that.

Indeed, why do that when you can pick up instant cred points simply by having Tricky or Graham Massey on your album ? Björk has no time for such silly talk.

It happens to be that a lot of boys do beats, and a lot of girls tend to be more Iyrical. If a boy does a record with beats, say someone like Tricky or Goldie, and they have several singers on it, that’s cool, but if a singer does a record and gets several people to do beats, they’re stealing.

Q, november 1997