explaining her work

Your songs seem to mix small themes with big themes, is that how you like to write ?

It’s more like the songs just happen, and then I sit in an interview like this and I try to explain it afterwards. [laughs] But I don’t mind that. I mean, maybe because I’ve been doing this for a long time, slowly my body’s adapted to it. I happen to do my albums with the right hemisphere, and once I’ve given the tapes away to the record company and I know I can’t even fiddle with it, I do interviews and switch over to the left hemisphere and explain what it is from the outside. But I think that it’s healthy too, to have to sometimes explain. I mean, up to a certain degree, of course. And it also leaves me less isolated, because I think isolation can be a bad thing. It’s good to get questions, especially the ones that I never even thought of.

XFM interview, April 2007