Does the idea of superstardom excite you ?

I definitely haven’t got the ambition to be bigger than everyone. I don’t want to sound like I’m arty, like I didn’t pick to be here, because I think that’s a pathetic attitude as well, but I’ve actually started to think a bit about it all. It’s just so... untrendy.

I would very happily live without it. I’m not moaning, but as far as I’m concerned, all that bullshit comes with the job, and if you want to make a big record, you’ve got to take part in all that. I’ve come a long way. Most of it’s the same game, only a hundred times bigger.

I’ve been through a period where I’ve been very anti all that, and I wouldn’t do autographs. We were very politically correct, and passionate rebels. Somebody would ask for an autograph and we would be willing to discuss his life and what was wrong with it, like how come you’re humiliating yourself in front of me ?

NME, 25 december 1993