Björk launched herself as a solo artist with the critically acclaimed dance album Debut, in 1993, aged 27. At which point, she became truly famous, on a grander scale. How was it that time around ?

Well, it was fun to try it. If you had a paper in front of you, and like, you could pick things, before birth, that you would like to try, before you fall down and die ; and that was one of the bubbles : A-list celebrity, try that out for a couple of months ... you’d probably go : yes. Tick it. Just for the experience. And to be honest, I didn’t really like it. It’s pretty rubbish. It feels like a service job, a bit like washing toilets or something. It feels like you are somebody else’s servant. But I can tick that one off, and move to, to ... to Spain, for a few months, and they forgot about me !

Really ? It was that easy to duck out ?

Yep !’ she says, with absolute satisfaction. For me anyway !

The Observer, July 8, 2007