Ray Cokes : Favourite word ?

I guess I’ve been attracted a lot of times to the word "gorgeous". But then again I’ve said "obsession"... how many times ?

Ray Cokes : About six, I think.

Yeah there you go.

Ray Cokes : What’s your least favourite word ?

I don’t know. First thing comes to mind is "vulgar". I’m not hot on "vulgar".

Ray Cokes : What’s your favourite swearword ?

I don’t know, I guess I say "fuck" sometimes.

Ray Cokes : Is that your favourite one ?

I haven’t thought about it this way, but I guess it’s the most used one.

Ray Cokes : What about in Icelandic ? is there a good one in Icelandic ?

I guess the most common one would be "helviti", which means "hell".

MusicPlanet 2Nite, 4 march 2002