releasing a lot of stuff

You are known for putting out a lot of releases to accompany each record.

They are really good with that. For my tastes, I think sometimes, they release a little bit too much, I’m like waaait a minute. But I’ve got to respect him, he’s very supportive of what I do, Derek [Birkett, One Little Indian co-founder]. We both come from a sort of punk rock background, where we were trying to do the opposite of what the huge record companies were doing, where nothing was released except greatest hits or something. We come from another standpoint.

I mean, I’ve never been thinking that if you’re a fan you have to buy everything that somebody puts out. I mean, you’ve got a choice. If you don’t want it, just don’t buy it. It’s also a reaction to YouTube and sharing of files. A lot of it is really bad sound, really low quality. So the librarian in me wants it at least to exist there so that in 20 years when I’m sitting in my rocking chair, it will still exist in the best sound quality possible, even though it only sold 1000 units or whatever. As much as I love the whole pirate kind of thing, the quality suffers.

pitchforkmedia 10-22-08