Have you ever had that problem where you just can’t make someone see the obvious because of their sex ? Where you think, "I know he can’t understand this, and I can’t explain it clearly because he’s male and I’m not." Have you had that with men ?

I don’t think so, because I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy, I started in bands when I was 11 , and I couldn’t stand boys, because they were just stupid, At that age, they’re not as emotionally developed. So I just thought, well, boys are not good for anything except to get them to play drums, or do bass lines, or have sex with occasionally, but otherwise they’re not very interesting creatures, But what’s most important for me is working relationships, I’ve always had at least one intimate working relationship. And when you have one it’s so precious, almost more than a friendship. And the sex thing doesn’t matter, You end up finding boys making the most feminine drumbeats there are, and being very emotional and delicate when they create, although they’re bastards in real life. And when that happens, it’s really warm, the most satisfying thing in the world, and it’s beyond sexuality or gender. So I think I trained myself to ignore it since I was 11, because the most important thing for me was to make the best song in the world.

Arena ( US ), 3/95