being glamorous

On ascale of l-10 how glamourous would you say your life is ?

[Almost spills her tea down her face and giggles] Whoopsie-daisy ! It really depends on whom you compare it to : I do travel a lot, that’s probably quite glamourous. l’ve been doing it for so long, there are certain things that have sheen to them that are actually not glamourous, like lots of cars. That to me says hard work, not glamour. Car insurance : can you imagine how many forms you’d have to fill in ? I have an assistant, but not all the time. I always pay the champagne bill. But I don’t like Cristal - I like Veuve Cliquot. It’s like the same price as a bottle of wine anyway. But that’s my only ’living large’.

Attitude - 12.05.2007