I’m very, very over-romantic and I very much believe in relationships. But I don’t think it’s as simple as being husband and wife, you know.

I’ve got relationships with many people, like most of the people on the album "Post". Like Tricky, Nellee Hooper, Marius the programmer, the engineers and Graham Massey who wrote a song with me. My manger is a friend since 12 years and the guy who drew the album-cover together with me is also a friend for 8 years. These are all relationships I’ve got and they’re very important to me. But none two are the same, you know and that’s very important.

I definitely believe there is something as meeting a person and being with for the rest of your life. But I think people have to stop putting standards to relationships. You can have a friend you sometimes feel erupted with, a friend you never feel erupted with. You can have a friend who’s very humorous, a friend you’re feeling strong with. You can have a friend you feel very angry with and it feels good cause you’re both angry together on the rest of the world. You can have a friend you feel very childish with and all this must exist cause everyone’s got this inside. You can’t stop and say "Oh, this relationship is like this". No relationships are the same. No marriages are the same, you know.

ZTV, 1995