her previous albums

I guess I don’t look at my albums to be sincere. I don’t look at them being better or worse. But I guess it’s sort of a way for me as a craftsman to feel I’ve got along way to go to some place, to document my interior though I still have got a lot to learn. In those terms, Debut is quite naïve and Vespertine is more specific and detailed. I guess that feels good to me that I managed to do that, you know. But being immature can be a good thing. Even though all you are doing is some big sketches or something - like Debut - it’s very simple. It doesn’t mean that it’s bad. Like for me now, I have done Vespertine, and I still feel like I’ve got so far to go. I feel like I’ve learnt something now and I feel like I’ve managed to document my extrovert side, which is Homogenic and my more introvert side which is Vespertine, so I feel like I mapped it slightly out. So now I feel I’m ready to do a proper album, that I have all the colours on the palette, and I am ready to start. That’s how it feels for me, but maybe that’s more the craftsmanship side of me talking.

David Toop Interview, 2002