her videos with Michel Gondry

Michel explains very well the way I create my songs. When I write, I plant little seeds. Then, the question is : When will they be ripe ? And that is up to Michel. For example, my favorite Michel video is Isobel. It’s Michel who found the poetry in it. He also found the thread we had on the first videos : Human Behaviour, Isobel and Bachlorette... It’s the same story with the same character who is neither Björk nor Gondry but a third person : us. It’s the story of a girl frightened by adults - a teenager who becomes aware of her femininity - then an instinctive character who discovers her femininity, with the good sides and the bad sides. In the end of Bachelorette, she realises she would be better where it all started : in the woods, alone. These videos are my different sides.

Les Inrockuptibles n°185