emotions in her songs

I guess because the core of my work is emotional I have used my emotions as a structure to build the rest on. Basically my songs are a collection of emotional peaks, even if they are gorgeous peaks or painful ones. I guess that is the nature of my work - by being the sort of person that preached about emotions and emotional rules. Being emotional doesn’t mean that you are stupid, like you could still go haywire and arrange and orchestrate things, things that are usually considered quite academic or clever. Just as long as you use emotion as the structure, as long as there is a heart to it, it is okay. So because of that, most of my songs are very precious to me. And if that means you only get a record every three years – they are the ten peaks in those three years. So you are getting on average three or four friendships and some personal victories, which I guess is a pretty average thing for a person to have. Kinda like, every three years, you have ten or eleven subjects or riddles you are trying to solve, or friendships that have this incredible fertile spark to them or friendships that are difficult and you try to get an angle on them. I guess every one of my songs have this thing to them.

I have noticed though that a lot of the people that listen to my songs think they are love songs, it’s like a romantic boy/girl thing, which I am actually quite pleased to hear. Even though like half of them or not even that friendships or even my relationship with my work or a country or a hobby - whatever. I always seem to pull it back to that one on one love thing, when I describe it in a song, even though I am describing a mountain or something.

David Toop Interview, 2002