buying an island

I am !" she shouts, belting me in the chest with excitement,
"in Tunisia ! You know you can buy an island for 50 grand ? I’m going to buy one, with a house and everything - cheaper than a flat in London," she points out, belting me again. "I’m doing that next summer, that’ll be my base. I started thinking about it two years ago and when I decide something, that’s it : that’s a decision [reconsiders] . Actually, I decided when I was a kid I was going to move to an island - the ocean makes my head function better. I’ll be going there on my own but you know what it’s going to be like, don’t you ? A fucking health farm for all my friends. They’ll come to me just before they have that nervous breakdown. I’m thinking about this one tiny island with one gorgeous building, a Greek chateau building from the 13th century. That one’s 40 grand. I don’t know whether I want one with a little village with shops and people to talk to or one with nothing at all. Then I’ll come to London for little trips and go completely bonkers and then go back home.

Sky 12/95