her first record

I was obsessed with Sparks, which threw everyone. I think for them that was too "pop". My stepfather (Saevar Arnason), who I lived with from the age of four to fourteen, he was a guitarist ; he was quite grand, and played in bands in Iceland, and was really good. So I was brought up listening to a lot of guitar music, like, such as Eric Clapton, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, all that stuff. That was the norm in my house. So the fact that he and my mother hated Sparks made me like them more. I must have been like 7 or something ; I can’t remember precisely. When my aunt lived in London she sent me a 7" of Pinky and Perky, and my brother put it on the stove and it got bent. I listened to it - it was called The Holly and the Ivy.

The Times, 2 august 2001