Volta being political

Overall my philosophy is not to confront stuff as you’ll get stuck in a quarrel. You know, I like to be a bit more Taoist about it ! But that can also be lazy, and if you do that long time, you’re taking a back seat. Volta was an exception to that. I had to say to myself : you don’t ignore it, you take it on. But then again, if I could pick the proportion of taking it on, I’d like to take it on 10% or 5%. Not because I’m a coward, but because I don’t think that’s how you solve things. I think you have to bring up positive stuff or new stuff, and think ahead. We all know how wrong things used to be, don’t we, so why should we get stuck ? For me, it’s all about switching on ; it’s about taking time to take things forward.

TheLipster.com, April 7 2008