the bomb incident

When he decided to...leave, he filmed himself with my music in the background. Four days later he started to, you know, smell and his neighbours called the cops.

Bjork was on a plane flying back to London from Miami when he sent the package, and had to phone Sindri explaining why he couldn’t open any mail. She tells of another obsessive fan who harassed her, but he ended up "leaving" too.

Bjork says she "cried her heart out" when she found out, but insists all she does is make music and these men obviously had huge problems and were wrong to try to bring her into them.

What I do is make music. It’s all about love to me. If I start looking at what I am doing too closely, I will lose the kick I get out of doing it. Then I may as well go back to Iceland and work in the fish market.

QX Mag, december 1996