Touring gives you the freedom to go to extremes. Sometimes you have tours where you’re just drunk the whole time, and you keep really high because you don’t eat and you just go to clubs and meet lots of unhealthy people. Then you get a natural high for the next tour and eat lots of celery, and for the next you only listen to jazz.

Last time, because it was Europe and I know a lot of people, I was getting drunk a lot. On this tour, though, I’m leading a very different life. I know fewer people, so I get up early, run into the ocean and read a lot of books.

Because I’ve been touring for years I can go to 20 gay clubs in 20 different cities, but for the first two years I was completely disorientated and I’d have to sit in a chair, eat a lot of bread and cheese and say : ’OK, you’re in London, your name is Björk, you come from Iceland,’ and keep myself on the ground like that.

VOX, april 1994