I love Christmas," she says. "The presents, everything about it. Me and Sindri always get a really tall Christmas tree and decorate it ourselves. One time we had one four metres tall and Sindri decorated it so all the baubles were at his eye-level. I was `Do you mind if I put some above ?’ and he was really hurt - `Mum ! Don’t you like the way I’ve decorated ?’ `Yes but I’m looking at green !’ The snow’s incredible there - two, three metres high and you have to walk through little tunnels with lighters and scarves. You go into shops and they give you hot chocolate with cognac in it - it’s the best. Everyone wears those overalls, really thick, woolly inside, like the ones people wear to fix the road. With bikinis inside. Hehheh.

And did you know that Iceland did the world record in fireworks on New Year’s ? It’s not like in England where special people have to do it : in Iceland everybody just goes to the shop, buys a big plastic bag - I think the average is 60 quid - and that includes infants and old people. You get them out and go `Psheu ! Sheu. All the houses are lit up and on New Year’s they’re all open. You just go in any of them, there’s no real robberies or anything, the whole city is just like `Yeaaaaaah !!

Sky 12/95