being the same

I’ve always got the same voice, I’m always from Iceland, every year I age one year, but people always say to me, God, you’ve changed everything again. But I haven’t. Maybe 40% is changed, but the rest is me. Like on Volta, I have a continuity song like Pneumonia that has a relative on Medulla and Vespertine – it doesn’t matter what album is happening at the moment, certain feelings are just going to come.

Maybe people think I change a lot because I always have these clashes within me all the time, and those change in importance. For instance, Iceland will always be my emotional home, but I love cities. I’m a rural person but I always like to go back to these noise. These priorities change around, and they do because I’m human, you know ? So these differences for me are part of being the same., April 11 2008