I like fashion when it’s a creative thing, and it’s about expression. When it’s about waking up in the morning and feeling a certain way, and putting clothes on that will support you as an individual.

I guess what I don’t like about fashion is when people turn it into sort of a power or control thing, where it’s about how much money you have, showing off your position or class. Millions of people are told that if they don’t wear something, they can’t get love and they’ll be lonely.

And also, I guess because I sort of became a little bit famous, I believe in individuality and dressing a certain way. All this copying stuff, I’m really against it. A lot of people have picked from the designers I’ve worn. But there’s not one designer whose entire body of work I like. It’s sort of a Monty Python joke : ’You’re all individuals.’

NYLON magazine, #14 june/july 2001