doing what you want

There are things that happened when you were a kid you’ll never forget. When I was about five years old and I played with some kids in my neighborhood... I can’t remember what it was but we were all doing something together and we had such a great time and then all the other kids suddenly said "we can’t do this". And I was like "why ?" and they said "you’re not supposed to". And I said "but we won’t hurt anyone" - and I just realized — it was such a great feeling — doing what you’re supposed to do was like over here (she points to the left) and doing what I wanted to do in my intuition was over here (she points to the right) and there was a greeeeeeeeat canyon between them.

And it was like a cross-road. And I went over here (she points to the right) and I’ve never regretted it. All I have is intuition. People don’t understand me. They’re from over there (she points to the left) and they don’t get it. I still meet many of my old friends from school back on Iceland and they go like "noooooow I understand you" and I’m like "okay...".

But it can be dangerous cause I remember when I was on television when I was very pregnant. I was 19 with my stomach sticking out. And the Icelandic television had never got so many complains. People called, wrote letters and were angry and one woman got a heart-attack. So it can be dangerous to do what you want.

ZTV, 1995