You can’t write a song if everybody knows what colour socks you wear. I think I would probably have started to write songs about how difficult it is being famous, which I think is the grossest kind of music you ever hear - because it isn’t. I think people in Vietnam and, you know, people who are really suffering should feel sorry for themselves, but celebrities feeling sorry for themselves, being victims...that’s just crap. Because they should be responsible for their lives, and they have a choice, which a lot of people don’t have.I have a choice, whether to be a celebrity or not, and I choose not to. So to stay leading a life like that, and then write songs about how terrible it is - it’s pathetic. I’m too proud. And I’m too much of a music lover : I’ve bought too many records that are about that and cringed. You know, Get a life !

Q Magazine, July 2001