experimental working

Do you use musicians as bait for computers, like experimental mice ?

Me including. I know what I want to do, and I only have a limited space for people I work with. For example, on Vespertine, boys from Matmos arrived only at the very end of the recording session, because I needed them to interfere with the beats, the percussions. I passed 3 years alone on rhythms before, so they understood what I was expecting from them.

For Medúlla, Mark Bell arrived when the songs were finished : He only took a couple of hours at home to set some details. I didn’t want to work like that again, I wanted someone to make me change my habits, take me out of my comfort. For exemple we didn’t have anything prepared before I met Timbaland in the studio. Three hours later we had four songs. Which took me a year to triturate.

Les Inrockuptibles, March 2007