I have labelled myself as an anti-feminist feminist, and I think it suits me well. The whole female thing is very important to me of course, but then again it’s just as important as the fact that I have two legs and that I come from Iceland. It’s just one of
those things. I see so many women constantly questioning themselves. Questioning why they do certain things. There’s this endless analytical process. What they don’t understand is that the main reason men have thefree dom to do what they want, and get away with it, is that they don’tquestion themselves, they just do it. Women should stop doubting themselves because it cages them in and ties them down. They should just do what they want. Don’t take so much shit. If someone tries to make you feel guilty or intimidated, look them straight in the eye and laugh and they’ll probably start to cough in embarrassment. I’d much rather forget what I am, because at the end of the day, at the end of my life, I want to be happy with what I did in it, what I was in it. It doesn’t matter for shit whether I was a boy or a girl. That’s not the point.

Winter Oyster 1995