In a funny way I love discipline very much.

I used to think, especially after being brought up by hippies and later becoming a punk, that discipline was my biggest enemy. But then you realize very quickly especially when you start recording that you want to do a good song and record it and you want to do it in a very spontaneous way.

The whole punk-scene was about gathering everyone in a studio and just doing one take. Rehearsals didn’t exist because life isn’t that way. You can’t rehear for something, you just have to do it once. But you realize very quickly that freedom and discipline is the same thing. It’s just two sides of the same coin. The more discipline you have, the more freedom you have. That is if you have the right kind of discipline.

So the trick is very much to know what to have discipline about and when to be open. So you go to the studio and you make decisions on half of the things but not the other half. Cause it’s very important to have the courage to not make decisions on the other half.

To trust other people ?

Yes. And to trust the day. That you will think of something when it happens. You have to relax and let go, you know.

ZTV, 1995