A lot of your work seems quite trippy, almost hallucinogenic. Have you ever been into acid or other such things ?

I once tried half an acid and I decided never again. I’m such an introverted character, it really takes a lot for me to be extrovert, like when I do interviews I have to drink five kilos of coffee and talk and talk and talk. It [acid] just totally isolated me and I was not in touch with anyone in the room and I couldn’t speak to anyone and I was in another galaxy. That’s why I prefer champagne - you just go bubbly and dance on the table. Those kinds of drugs are more for... I’m introverted enough as it is : I’d be a rubbish pot smoker [laughing]. I can’t even inhale because I’m so paranoid [of my voice] being a singer.

Attitude - 12.05.2007