joy of music

I wanted to ask you about where the joy of music comes from for you. When you’re using your voice to jump out of yourself, or when you invent something, where does it live for you ?

Well, having started as a singer, I think the main kick for me is the singing. The rest is something I just have to work at every day. It brings out a more maternal side of me—making sure that people don’t give up on songs even though it looks hopeless. You know, “You still have to give it one more try !“ and that sort of thing. I guess having new ideas is probably the part of me that I am least proud of. It’s probably a bit of a show-off thing, right ? But then again, I like stuff like that. When I used to go to hip-hop clubs— very rarely because there weren’t any in my country—people would be break-dancing. I mean, how showoffy can you get, right ? But I love it so much ! Like when people try to top each other. Sort of like who has got the biggest feathers or something. A little bit of that isn’t that bad, you know ?

Interview Magazine - 01.11.2004