September 11th

I guess for me, there’s two kinds of politics, it’s sort of... usually it’s called
"politics", which is sort of power struggles on an international
level. And then there is the other politics which I think I deal with, which is
the about "do we get along with the people we love ?" and those kind of
relationships, or those kinda personal politics. I think it’s very important in
the times of war, is to not forget the personal - "politics" if you
want. And I think music is about that. I don’t think the way to deal with the
september 11th is to sit down and write a song about it. I think you have to sit
down and write a song about something else. Because there are more
things in the world than Bush and Bin Laden. Thank God !

News23, Japanese TV interview, 14 january 2002