falling in love

Erm. Hmmm. I mean, there’s been many different periods in my life ... there’s definitely been places where I fell really easily in love. And, erm, all the different colours ... I think I’m the sort of person who - I wouldn’t play it safe. Again, if you have the ticky boxes in front of you, and you have all the different emotional feelings, to do with love ... then I think I wanted to taste all of them, at least once. I also wanted to taste rejection, I wanted to taste being heartbroken, being obsessed, I wanted to feel being superior, I wanted to feel being equal, I wanted to, erm, experience, being ecstatic, the joy, the freedom, the recklessness, the conservative side ... the domestic life ...

And has she experienced all these things ?

All of these colours ! Yeah !

She seems fearless, romantically. Is she scared of anything ?

Yeah ! Tons ! Tons of stuff, but that’s part of the fun, though, isn’t it ? And it’s not like I said : OK, I decide, 17 March, I will be heartbroken ... it’s not like that. And I look at my friends, and there are some people who play it safe, and they don’t want to take risks.

I’m one of those, I tell her.

But that’s not bad, either ! It is also brave to keep things together. That takes guts too.

The Observer, July 8, 2007