In october 1998, a Spanish man who had stalked Björk for four years broke into her mother Hildur’s home and lived there for 24 hours. The man slept in her mothers bed, ate her food and left threatening messages for Björk. When the mother returned home and discovered the Spaniard, he refusesd to leave what he called "his home". The police had to be called.

I am seriously thinking about quitting as an artist. I am afraid for my sons life. This is worse than the mailbomb. My mother whouls not have to meet strange men in her home just because of my job. In that care, it’s better to quit as an artist.

The worst part is that I know that my mother has been receiving strange telephonecalls before. She just hasn’t told me because she didn’t want to worry me. That the people I love are subjected to threats because of me is horrible ! And the thought alone that someone could hurt my son makes me feel sick. I feel very guilty.

Maybe I have to stop releasing my music. Before I was 26 my motto was to never let anyone else hear my music. Maybe I should return to that attitude...

Expressen, 27 aug 1998