How difficult is it, now, balancing your career with your family life ? With Volta looking likely to rekindle many critic’s love affair with Björk, are you bracing yourself for a full year of interviews ? Do you worry, ever, that paparazzi interest in your personal/social life could escalate to how it was in the ‘90s ?

I don’t think so. I made very specific choices to get away from that, and i think it works. It is a choice. There are celebrities that want the whole world to know about every move they make, and there are celebrities that don’t. I think in the world of reality TV and the internet, and Paris Hilton et al, people that happen to have a public job are allowed to be varied. Ten or twenty years ago it was more presumed that if you went on stage you were up for being available to strangers 24/7. Not anymore – now you have all kinds of celebrities, on all different levels of interest from the paparazzi. They leave the ones who don’t want it alone. (It takes two to tango ?)

www.drownedinsound.com, April 24 2007