recording with her laptop

Did you do a lot of laptop stuff on Medúlla ? Once you get the music done, do you like to sit around and edit it ?

Yeah. I was almost religious about it on the last album, Vespertine [2001]. The vocals sound like I was whispering and trying to have a sound that would be the same coming out from tiny speakers as big ones. Medúlla is really different in the sounds, but with all the vocals, I wanted them to be quite bloody and meaty. But we actually ended up recording a lot on a laptop.

Why not ? That’s so great and handy.

Yeah. And we traveled to so many of the singers’ houses and just set it up. You can just be chatting while you’re working. It was fun. I really feel like I’ve touched on something. Since I gave the record to the publishers, I keep finding new CDs of sounds that I never knew about, like yodeling.

Interview Magazine - 01.11.2004