I started to play in bands when I was 12 years old.

Most of the times I was the only girl but what’s most important is to make a good song. So if you want something like this you have to very quickly ignore things like the food-taste of the other person. If he likes sausages and you don’t you can’t let that stand in your way. And very quickly it goes on like the clothes the person wears doesn’t matter, the sex doesn’t matter, the race doesn’t matter, the age doesn’t matter.

I became completely like "I don’t want to know". I just want to work with this person so that 1+1 becomes 1. If you’re lucky then it will continue all the way until what’s more impossible happens. 1+1 is 3. Then you have a song.

So every time as a teenager when I played in bands and I was the only girl, then I could always hear someone say "Oh, but she’s a girl". Then I knew I just could smell trouble. It doesn’t stand in the way. You’re just working with people, not with sex, age or race.

So one of the misconceptions people have about me is when they see me and sees a woman. "She can do this and she’s a woman" or "She can’t do this ’cause she’s a woman".

I just work with them for one or two days then they’re forgotten. It’s just the beginning-stage, you know.

ZTV, 1995