her childhood

I was the first child of a mother and father who had been in love since they were 14. And I was born when my mother was 19 and my father 20 ; They were very conservative, but happy people. And then, when my mother had been a housewife for 1 year with me, she freaked out and became a wild hippie and a feminist. And she separated with my father.

My father remained very conservative ; married a nurse. But he was a very hard-working, honest, very energetic man. Very full of power and joyful life. And my mother just being completely wanting to be strong ; and painting the walls with butterflies. And I lived in a house with a lot of people who have long hair, and listen to Jimi Hendrix. So I go between the two families and I learn : Okay, maybe freedom isn’t long hair ; maybe discipline isn’t suit ; and not to take anything for granted.

And then I went to music school when I was 5, for ten years. I played classical music all that time ; And my mother played hippie music - It’s like guitar solos 24 hours in my house, like on 10. And my grandparents and my real father, they listened more to jazz music, and Simon and Garfunkel, and more, like, conservative music. And I enjoy all of them ; I loved all of them. And I liked immediately to show the three different worlds not to take granted for what they have.

So i took a Jimi Hendrix record to my grandparents to show that, maybe, his solos were not that far from jazz ; And it was very nice. And I took jazz records to my music school to show them all that maybe, you know, Miles Davis was related to Strawinsky, maybe it’s not a big difference between the two. And I took classical music back to my parents. And I liked very much to be the outsider and show them, like, TA-DAA [big joyful face, hands held up next to it] : life is not that simple, there’s more to it than you think !

loladamusica, 1995