being a producer

In your role producing, what tools, methods, or processes did you learn from your work with electronic producers such as Mark Bell and Graham Massey ? How does that contrast from working with producers who have more experience in non-electronic music ?

What a great question ! I thought i would never be asked that ! It is very different . The word production in electronic music seems to span way too big range . Where in normal bands you have a bass player , a drummer , a guitarist , a keyboardist and perhaps a producer . In electronic music all this would just be called production . There is this mystery still around computers ...

I have learned a lot from these people and perhaps , which a not a lot of people know about , i have been writing beats all the way since Debut . More and more . The majority of the Vespertine beats where by me . Sounds like i’m bragging but i guess with a question like that i’m also just keen on educating people how electronic music is made . It isn’t that simple that one producer walks in a room and presses one buttton and the whole song comes out and then the vocalist sings on top ., April 18 2007