her voice

As you get older your technique becomes more important. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Technique can become natural and impulsive. Like riding a bike. With Volta I didn’t notice a lot of difference but now, touring, I had to bring a vocal trainer with me for two months and my voice has grown a lot. One more show and we reckon I can do it on my own again. It sort of comes in chunks. But he says my voice has just grown into its best stage now. He says, “If you are good with your technique the voice is at its best between ages 45 and 60.“ Which is the reason why most working opera singers are that age. But on another note, I love when you can hear age in voices – whether it is childlike or old croaky style. This over-importance that everything has to sound teen-age is a bit boring, a bit anti-life.

Harp Magazine, November 2007