her musical evolution

Musically, I feel that I’m just beginning.

I did a record called "Debut," which was my first album and I wrote all the songs — with other people of course — but still it was the first time where I presented my own universe. Since then I did another album called "Post" and then when I did "Homogenic" in 1996, I felt I’d learned enough about the studio and beats and stuff, to maybe try to do Icelandic pop music or modern music that was still international.

Homogenic" was maybe an album where I would base songs on Icelandic folk songs and create electronic volcanic beats and try to be truthful in my origin and try to use everything that I had learned in the best way I could. Later I did "Vespertine," which was sort of my winter album, which maybe wasn’t so Icelandic but (reflected more of an) introverted, frozen winter world.

Then I guess I felt I was at that point where I had covered both the extrovert and the introvert in me, which was more the quiet poetic universe. I decided to look back and put out an album that would tell that story and is some sort of a retrospect of that.

www.cnn.com, Sunday, October 20, 2002